Welcome to my portfolio page! 

I have chosen a few select pieces that I have done in the past many years to highlight on this page.  

First, below is a link to my agent's website.  On this page you will find collection pages for the hundreds of collections I have created throughout my 10 years as a licensed artist.  It is organized by theme.  From these collections, I have secured contracts with many different companies to produce a variety of products.

As a licensed artist, I have built relationships with clients but also create artwork to attract new clients.  Some of the collections you see in the link below are created to attract new clients -- meaning they were built on trend forecasts from my research.  And other collections are created from meetings I have had with my clients and the direction they give me.

Below are links to just some of the products in the marketplace now that were created from the collections linked above.

Second, in addition to my agent's website to market my work, I also have a personal brand where I sell my designs. I have created all the work for the website as well as promotional images and product contained within the site. 

Third, I have included links to work I have done most recently as a designer for Meredith. While most of my time with Meredith is spent producing newsletters for Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens and People Shopping, I am asked to jump in and help with some promotional work as well.  This includes sweepstakes promotions as well as Pinterest images for Southern Living, Eating Well, Martha Stewart Living, and All Recipes.

With both projects -- sweeps and pins -- I am given a style guide that must be strictly followed.  This style guide includes fonts, colors and illustration/photography style.  The difference between a sweeps project and a Pinterest project is that for sweeps, I am tasked to illustrate as well as typeset the promo whereas with a Pinterest project, I am given the photo or illustration.

The following are a few examples of my past work:

And the last set of designs I am including is some work I've done personally for my daughter as she has made it a goal to play softball at the collegiate level.  This project has brought together my photography, video editing and design skills.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my portfolio!  I hesitate so much in creating pages like this because it really is hard to encompass all that I have done for the many years I have designed.  I hope I can talk to you soon about these and so much more!!!